What’s this thing En Resande Reporters Äventyr (A Traveling Reporter’s Adventures) really about?

This is the website of Erik Bergin, a Swedish journalist, boat owner and travel blogger, who currently lives in New York City.

Why does he live in NYC?

That’s because Erik is the Business Correspondent for the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish Daily News), and covers Wall Street, American business, economics, politics and other major news stories. Check it out at svd.se.

What can I find on this website?

If you don’t read Swedish, the answer is not too much, though an English info section is available hereEn Resande Reporters Äventyr is published in Swedish.

However, you may find Erik’s English travel blog The Traveling Reporter interesting. Updates are currently at a minimum, due to lack of time, but there are still loads of travel stories there to enjoy.

Where can I find Erik’s work?

Primarily on the newspaper’s website, svd.se. Also under ”Jobb” (”Work”) in the menu above.

How can I contact Erik?

Send an email to this address.