About Erik Bergin, journalist

Erik Bergin reporting from the CES electronics show in Las Vegas, January 2014.

Mr Bergin, born in 1973, is a Swedish journalist, currently holding a position as a foreign news editor at Svenska Dagbladet (the Swedish Daily News, svd.se) in Stockholm. He was the paper’s U.S. Correspondent 2013-2016, covering politics and business. He has worked at SvD since 2000 as copy editor, reporter, news editor, correspondent, and foreign news editor.

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Based in New York as a correspondent for 3,5 years, he covered the U.S. general election campaigns in 2016 and continues to report on the Trump presidency and American politics.

Since 2015, he has been co-producing a Swedish podcast, ”New York-podden,” about life and entertainment in New York City. An avid amateur photographer, Mr Bergin worked the camera during several work assignments throughout the United States. Some of those photos can be found here.


You can contact Mr Bergin using this page (in Swedish, but easily understood). If you’d prefer to send an encrypted message with Protonmail, use this address.

What else can I find on this website?

If you don’t read Swedish, not too much, though an English info section is available here. A rudimentary English version of ErikBergin.com can be produced with Google Translate.